Big Sassy Piece is the zine/blog hybrid spawn of all-around sasspants Nicki Yowell. So, BSP is basically like if parody, satire, creative nonfiction and a clip art CD from ’95 had a wonky, neon-hued baby. And there’s tons of junk food, cute kittens, radtastic fonts your aunt uses on her scrapbooking newsletter and whoa, did I mention some really thought-provoking writing? Oh yeah!

 BSP‘s first issue is available in print form and a second  mind-boggling incarnation is forthcoming.

Nicki is a Portland-based zinester and writer. She is the founder and former organizer of SPOC (Self-Publishers of Chicago). Her zines and projects include Flush, Slice of Life, ‘Za the Pizza Zine (1 & 2), Worst Breakup Ever and mooooore. She’s also, like, totally bonkers, in case you hadn’t noticed.

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